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Our story


The communities of Mas d'Agenais, Lagruère and Tonneins joined together to answer to a call of the SMEAG to 

​create a project that would enhance the awareness of the Garonne. The name of this project is ' Los Camins de l'aiga'. The goal was to fund the infrastructure for access to the river and improve activity on the banks of the river.


A few people, passionate about the Garonne, created the association AMI in order to implement and enliven the project of «Los Camins de l'Aiga». Agreements were signed with the 3 communities. After the first development, AMI tested some boat trips with passengers on the Garonne.


As the test was successful, AMI continued to develop its activities and to improve the access to the river for everybody. This was made possible by the works which were subsidized with the funds of FEDER and the communities. The installation of  sign boards made us be more visible and arouse the curiosity of people passing by.


Contribute to the enhancement of the environment and the estates of the Garonne

Participate at the development of the local tourist economy

Improve the opinion of the population on their home area

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