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Garo Challenge

Garo Challenge is a rally by boat. Teamwork is the central word if you want to bring the challenges to a good end. Two teams will be confronted to one another. 

The goals of this activity are:  

- to reinforce the cohesion within the team,

- to combine intellectual games with physical effort, knowing that the exercises are accessible to all

- to discover the history and the patrimony by play 

- to share a nice day with colleagues, friends,...

Practical information

Only reserved for groupes of minimum 10 and maximum 14 persons.

The day starts at 9 am with coffee and croissants.

The end of the activity will be around 4.30 pm.

For lunch you can to go to the restaurant (which is reserved by AMI Garonne) or you can choose to bring your own pic-nic.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like a quote.

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