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The cartography

In 2020

Thanks to the support of the region Nouvelle Aquitaine, we will be able to finish the work that we started in en 2018. The projet concerning the cartography in 2020 contains 2 different missions. 

First we will map the missing part between  Meilhan sur Garonne and La Réole.
The second goal is to transform our paper document with all the information collected previously into an free application (open source). Finally we want to give the opportunity to everybody to navigate on the Garonne between Bordeaux and the confluent.


CARTE 3 c_ page_001.jpg

In 2018, with the help of Val de Garonne Agglomeration, we created the bathymetric cartography of the Garonne between Meilhan sur Garonne and Clairac. 

Two boats were equipped for this project, one recorded the data and one tested the navigational aid. The method we used was to compare the data of an IGN map with the aerial photographs, to update the sandbanks and to transmit the bathymetric data in situ. 

A detailed databank (bridge, high voltage line, launching wedge,...) was integrated with their GPS co-ordinates for the project.

A first draft was published at the end of 2018 and the whole project was finished at the beginning of 2019. The map system by GPS will be installed on a boat in 2019 for testing and training pilots. We're studying several options to make this information available for everybody.

Territoire Val de Garonne.png
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