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Events 2018

6 jours de Garonne 2.jpg

6 days of Garonne

With the Miole, the kegs filled with wine from our region were transported on the Garonne from Tonneins to Bordeaux. We did the trip in 3 days and we were accompanied by kayak, rafts and canoes to join the event of 'Bordeaux celebrate the wine' with sailing ships gathered from all over the world.

We proudly represented our department and Tonneins by transporting on our little boat the wine for the first tim in 80 years. We came back upstream in 15 hours, which was a real challenge, knowing that the level of the Garonne was very high. This event allowed us to reunite several participants and organizations. We were followed by a film crew on one of our boats.

Fête de l'eau 2018 3 (1).jpg

Water festival

The Water Festival took place for the second time was a big success. We took over 200 passengers on board. At night 2 international music groups kept the visitors' partying until late at night. We're looking forward to repeating the event in 2019. 

route des gabares.jpg

The challenge of the barges

The challenge of the barges is a sporting event on the water, organized by an association called 'Avance Aventure'. This event takes place during several days and the participants pass by numerous villages. They combine challenges in each village with navigation on the Garonne ; a partnership between AMI Garonne and Avance Aventure which is a logical step.


Night market

Numerous visitors of the night market, organized in Tonneins, enjoyed a boat trip after their meal and had the occasion to take pictures of the sunset on the water.  

effet miroir.JPG

Twinning Tonneins- Zoppola

Regularly the Italians of Zoppola visit Tonneins, the town to which they relate. For us it was an opportunity to show Tonneins and Garonne from another angle.  

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